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Water Street Dreams


 Meet my daughter Madison, a 2020 LANE TECH COLLEGE PREP HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR.

While this school year is ending in such an unexpectedly sad way for each of our seniors, I thought I might be able to give a little joy to you, as together we mourn the loss of all their high school 'lasts.' My hope is that amidst the hardships COVID19 has presented us with, we would find beauty, love, hope and connection in our new daily normal.

While I can't give every senior a free photo session this Spring (my typical senior sessions are 2-3 hours in length and $550) ... 

Here's what I'd LOVE to do for you and your senior:

  • Practicing strict social distancing guidelines, I'll swing by your home and capture your senior outdoors, in front of your home. S/he can wear high school or their anticipated college gear, their prom dress/suit, their sports uniform or just simply a casual outfit like sweats and a ball-cap! Anything you'd want them to wear to commemorate their senior year. I'm hoping that if our students get their caps/gowns, I could take a shot of them in their caps and gowns, too!
  • My goal will be to grab a nice variety of candid/posed images of your senior. I'll also grab any other shots of your family that you'd like. I'll be at your disposal to take photos of whomever you'd like.
  • $75 for a 15 minute slot. If you can pull together 5-ish families in your immediate neighborhood, I can drop the price for each family.
  • Once I've edited your images, I'll send you a link of the high resolution images that you can then download and use on social media or for print. (My guess would be 20-ish images, if not more. I move fast!)

Here's what I need from you:

  • Email me ( ) with "Senior Mini Session" in the subject line, so that we can work together to pick a date in April or May and time that works for you. Find some other seniors in your neighborhood and we'll coordinate so that you can each receive a discounted price.
  • If you'd rather take advantage of a full 2-3 hour outdoor photo session experience, I would be honored to give you a COVID discount.

I promise this will be the best $75 you can spend during this COVID19 pandemic. I move fast, I capture personality. I will showcase the love you have for your senior. If you're not fully satisfied I'll refund your money! My guarantee. For my most current work, pop over to Water Street Dreams on Instagram and follow me there.

Hoping this helps in some small way,

Alysa Clark, a fellow 2020 Senior Lane Mom